UpCam, watching everywhere is better

A new way of looking at things makes your notebook feel alive, with this device you can finally watch your surrounding directly form your screen.

UpCam, a project launched for the creation of a device for use with your notebook.

This device is placed in front of the webcam of your display is able to transform a simple vision webcam in a perfect device suitable for observing everything that happens in addition to your display.

In this way you will begin to appreciate your notebook without having to observe or record with your tablet or smartphone.

Practically UpCam created with the intention to continue to use all the software you normally use in the desktop version without the difficulty or loss of time to transfer your recordings to other mobile devices.
Imagine that you are sitting in the garden as you work to your notebook, and have in a window display in the vision of what’s going on besides your monitor, everything that you would never have been able to record normally because you did not have a rear view camera.
Now you can record with no problems, in fact you can now begin to look at everything that happens with extreme care.

UpCam is realized with a system of mirrors designed by our team, in this way we have managed to achieve a device which does not require a power supply, we can recover the loss of brightness passive, in this way we obtained the maximum efficiency from Upcam.



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