View of the cameras is under 3G network that is using Wi-Fi.

This software has been specifically designed to handle cameras DVR many devices on the market. But the real news is that it can handle the speed dome entered into the system.
Protocol currently inserted is the Pelco-d. works at any baud rate you want.




You have the ability to manage up to two speed dome directly from one screen, where you can also intervene on No. 5 preset, previously set up on your DVR, the speed dome can be rotated in all directions with even zoom back and forth to get all the details you need.



You can manage up to 16 cameras to be displayed in one screen alternately, after selecting them.




and of course could not miss also visualize the quad to have an immediate perception of the situation to be monitored.

To function properly it is essential to correctly fill in settig page, this page can be found by clicking on the icon Settings on your device and scroll down you will find an icon for the program iDome.
Inside you will be presented this screen.



we begin with explaining how to fill the screen setting.
We start from the fact that the DVR that are allowed to be displayed by the program, not necessareamente must be connected to an ADSL with Static IP.
It is also important to know if in your network there is a firewall or something that limits the doors of your modem or router.
So if you are not an expert and best that you ask your network administrator or your friend who knows where to put his hands

User: Enter one of the three possible names, which are, administrator, supervisor or operator.
Password: of course the one associated to your user.
Port: The port that you have set in your DVR, one normally uses port 80, but you can put other ports, it is important that you write the same number in there also.
Serial S / N: Enter the serial number of your DVR, this number consists of 14 numbers and letters.
Static IP: utlizzare if you want to use your static IP, even if you do not need if you enter the serial, the important thing is that if you fill out this field, the field Serial must remain empty.
From this field, however, can also be used to be able to insert within your network with an internal address like, of course, in this case you have to leave the field Serial empty.
Dome 1, 2: In this field, if you have the Dome, you can enter the number that you have available for your viewing.

Within your DVR by entering Administrator Administrator can go to Configuration> Network and turn on the check Active Dynamic IP



DVR List compatible with the software iDome16:
VideoSafe  VS-204
VideoSafe  VS-308
VideoSafe  VS-416
VideoSafe  VS-816
VideoSafe  VS304-PeCo1
VideoSafe  VS408-PeCO3
VideoSafe  VS516-PeCo5
VideoSafe  VX-04
VideoSafe  VX-08
VideoSafe  VX-16
VideoSafe  VX-8PeCo8
Honeywell  VAN-VDRX104
Honeywell  VDRS204n
Honeywell  VDRS504n
Honeywell  VDRS508n
Honeywell  VDRS516n
Honeywell  VS304-PECO1
Honeywell  VS408-PECO3
Honeywell  VS516-PECO5




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