Everything you need to fix your home.

Have you recently moved to Singapore?
Need to renovate the house, but you do not know who to contact?
Do not worry SGBuilder is what you need You.





View of the cameras is under 3G network that is using Wi-Fi.

This application is developed to meet the needs of many installers and clients who were unable to have an cheapest and most functional application to view the cameras on these devices.
This application offers significant advantages.




Study mathematics relaxing with a good game   

This is a game that offers mathematical calculations, with progressive difficulty, it seems easy to answer all questions, but you will soon realize that it is not.
There are packages with a parachute that will give you time to think about it. You will have time to work out the appropriate response.
Obvious that there are many specific responses, many neighboring numbers, look similar, but only one will be the right one.









The Hole

Game of skill, you must be able to pass all the levels trying not to get hit by bombs and many difficulties, it would seem easy at first but soon you’ll see the gradual increase in difficulty which you must pass.



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