Gamesalad T003 scene

Today we analyze other parts of Gamesalad, fundamental for the creation of a game, or the scene.
Ricrodiamo the scene just opened, if not yet used will appear as a screen with black background, which is the size of the device that you set at the beginning.
to the left

To the left of the screen have a button with two positions, one and a game scenes. This seems easy to understand, if we click our scenes, we will check and if we want to change all the parameters that are provided by the program.
We begin with this distinction that is made just below the button mentioned.
We Attributes and Layers.
Let’s start off by Attributes.

We begin with:
Name, the name of the scene.
Time, is a reference of the activation time of the scene, practically it is only a setting value of the time, did not consider it as a real setting.
Size, is the size of the screen, its default setting, corresponds to the screen of the device chosen, but as you verdrà later, we can also set the largest size, then we will see the control room.
Wrap x and y, if we activate these parameters, we have virtually no hard limit of our screen, that is if we have some players that run along a line oxoy, will return from the opposite side of starting to walk.
Gravity, there are some games to be more realistic, maybe there are movements or objects, have a severity at least in one direction, corresponds to the effect of gravity.
Color, is pretty intuitive, we can change the color of both, with both RGB and palette, but the most important thing is the possibility to obtain the component more or less transparent.
Camera, a very interesting parameter, by changing these values we can get games with bustling scenes. We can change both the size of the room and both the size of the object to follow. That we will explain later, experiment, to make these changes you must press the little picture with the camera that are next to the cursor, in this case you will see a screen full of yellow mustard that can be changed with the cursor and either numerical changes.
Rotazion, another parameter is not editable.
Autorotate, you can use when you are playing with the device, if you rotate it, do you also turn your game, of course you can choose to not twist.


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